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Very durable, slim, and worth every penny

Very durable, slim, and worth every penny

" Great mount, super thin and easy to install. The video attached, that day I crashed 4 times, 1 of which was pretty bad. My phone never once popped off. Yet still no damage to the mount. The video attached is my style of riding which usually consists of 10-12 miles with small jumps and technical obstacles. "

NEW Case iPhone 14

NEW Case iPhone 14

Mount Case for iPhone 14 series

  • MagnumtTI

    5 days ago

    i used it with "Bike Phone Mount for Mountain Bicycle, Universal Aluminum Road Bike Stem Cap Cell Phone Holder, Connect Quickly Riding Clip Stand, MTB Handlebar Clamp", since i didn't want to attach the adaptor to my phone case. i rode along the paved road with some notacible bumps, however, it held my phone perfectly.

    10 days ago

    I was concerned relying on this to hold my Pixel 6 while mountain biking, so I used a lanyard attached from my case to the frame for extra protection. So far I have gone on 6 rocky trips and the phone is just not going to come off of this mount. This mount is fantastic. I am bad at writing reviews and therefore rarely do, but this is a great product.
  • Big Kenny Rob

    3 days ago

    I feel like a lottery winner! It works! It's easily installed! Cellphone attachment adheres great! Phone holds safely on road! Don't look any further, this is it! Did I mention the price is incredible! I am seriously happy 😊 with my purchase.
  • Byron Lo

    3 days ago

    The best mount for the phone in the current market, I take the second to another technique. Experienced on the far-5.400 km, everything works, very convenient, did not rust the vibration compensator at all an indispensable thing!
  • Johnson

    8 days ago

    The product is good. The silicone dampener is strong and difficult to absorb shocks and vibration. The mechanics allow to select X and Y angle. The holder allows to mount on tube with the diameter from 12 to 16 millimetres. You have to rotate the connection mechanics to disconnect the phone, it has the guard to prevent occidental take off.
  • J Edgar

    21 days ago

    When it comes to value and quality this is the best phone mount available. I took a huge spill and this held up. I use it with an otterbox commuter case and my phone didn't have a scratch. I highly recommend this product!
  • Ben

    62 days ago

    vacationing with my wife in the Georgia Coast - took great videos with it. I installed it on my mountain bike and I had no issue mounting my phone on it. It locks the phone in place... all the jumping, bumping, rugged trails didn't cause issue to it at all. Glad I bought this instead of the clamping ones.
  • Drew

    3 days ago

    I’m an avid biker and have tried dozens of different mounts. This is the first one that has securely held my phone without coming loose or turning my phone in different directions. Stays secure even when mountain biking. Very quick and easy phone placement
  • R. Grady

    31 days ago

    I bought it given the great reviews from other MTB riders.... It does not disappoint as it holds true to what they said.. it stays put and it is easy to lock in and lock out... Def would recommend for a no brainer... Have it on other bikes as well.......
  • Randy Hohn

    7 days ago

    This is good stuff. The quality is also excellent and great. This holds the smartphone firmly. Shipping was very fast which was nice.
  • Nathalie

    9 days ago

    This product is very sturdy and holds my phone on the roughest, rootiest terrain. Took me a minute to figure out how to get the phone off as the directions weren't too clear. I love it.
  • Jason Mc Euin

    15 days ago

    I can't praise this company or their products enough. I can easily mount and release my phone and it's a must-have for all my bikes. I own 3 versions of this quick-mount system and I have no intention of looking anywhere else so long as they keep making them. Seriously, Buy it!
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